What Aspects Enable IMAGE Constantly Dedicated in Research and Innovation in Securing ID and Document?

What Aspects Enable IMAGE Constantly Dedicated in Research and Innovation in Securing ID and Document?

SZ Image have been specialized in optical security industry for more than 2decades, we continuously provide complete, optimized and budget acceptable solution to our customers. Identification security is one of the most important issues for a nation or region, which is related with many sophisticated reasons. However, nowadays ID fraud activities is increasing as the criminal have more access and methods to do this.


As we know, security is a dialectical topic, what we can do to fight against counterfeit is to improve the security level from both security features and production processing doorsill. Moreover, integrate aesthetic and easy recognized design. The above efforts and works will make the counterfeiters not able to follow in several aspects like time, energy and finance investment. Fraud and duplicated can not be avoided completely. Nevertheless, even if there appears suspected or fake ID and documents, we could identify if it’s original or not with IMAGE’s three level security features.

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SZ Image research and develop the core equipment for optical security production, like master origination, UV recombination etc. These equipment and security features are only available from IMAGE. This is also a kind of security in some way.


Experienced in various national ID card, driver license, passport and Olympic games projects, SZ Image provide different security product form like embedded type, surface laminate or transfer type, pouch type and so on. Meanwhile, we provide a comprehensive solution that include printer, laminator, security laminate overlay, other consumables, reader, writer and related. The last but not the least, budget is import for our customers. Different solutions may differ a lot in the cost, but expensive is not always the best and suitable for you. And for government projects, we also need to consider local situations for issuing ID or documents. Therefore, we will provide our customers a tailored and suitable solution based on their requirements, applications and budget.

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