Driver Licenses Security

Driver Licenses Security

Optical Security Shield for Driver Licenses

Integrating Sophisticated Features to Secure Driver Licenses

Secure driver's licenses is an important part of the overall national security strategy. Fraudulent driver's licenses pose a number of risks to our daily life, social security, road transportation, traffic safety etc. Utilizing a specific high tech hologram pattern to protect our driver licenses is an effective way to defend against any form of forgery.


Dedicated to optical security area since 1980s, Suzhou Image provide tailored solution for driver license security. Using advanced micro nano optical structure security technology, and combined with security printing, 3D motion, and a variety of other technologies to enhance the security level of our daily used driver licenses.

Tailored Design

Tailored Design

Customized Solutions Based on Clients’ Application and Budget

Customized Solutions Based on Clients’ Application and Budget

Various Product Form and Material Solutions

Various Product Form and Material Solutions

Embedded Type Laminate Patch ID Pouch Solutions

Embedded Security Solutions for Driver License

For a driver license, the personal data and validity is crucial. Thus both security level and personal date protection need to be considered. Embedded laminate type solve this problem, all personal date and license expire date is protected by an optical security laminate layer. 


• Micro nano security structure embedded into card

• Protect personal data

• Suitable for card mass production

• Durable and long lifetime

Hologram Laminate Patch for Driving License

As a surface-applied thin film, hologram patch overlay can be laminated onto card surface after personal information printed. After lamination, it’s hard to peel film off, identity card surface with high anti-resistance feature to prevent card printing information from tampering. Special coating make the card scratch-resistance and more durable. 


• A thin security film applied on card surface

• Scratch resistance and durable

• Strong anti-scratch function make your id cards more durable

• Cannot be reproduced using a printer or photocopier

Hologram Laminating Pouches for Driver License

As a easy access and flexible license issuing solution, pouch lamination is also widely used to secure our driver licenses. It is a two layer security film, to laminate our license. Security ink printing and other technology can be added to the pouch, together with the optical security patters to present an aesthetic visual effect and high security level.


• Quick and convenient to issue ID card

• High transparency and water proof

• Can be combined with security ink, laser engraving to enhance security level

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